YouTube now has over one billion auto-captioned videos

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GM’s car sharing service offers more EVs by teaming with cities

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IBM’s new weather app sends emergency alerts without a network

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RiftStar Raiders Announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

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Twitter starts temporarily restricting abusive accounts

Red Barton And the Sky Pirates Bring Star Fox Like Action to WWI

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Twitter’s anti-harassment measure leaves trolls shouting into the void

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Free To Play Games like Throne: Kingdom at War are Driven by Co-Op Elements

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NASA wants to send humans aboard the first SLS flight

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After a Year and a Half of Early Access, Epsilon is Cancelled

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Makerbot lays off a third of staff as 3D printers remain niche

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Guns of Icarus: Alliance Co-Op Stream Recap

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Grand Theft Auto 4 and Episodes from Liberty City get Xbox One backwards compatibility

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My Bloomin’ Valentine with Dead Rising 4

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New Simon memory game looks like a cheap VR headset

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‘Street Fighter’ on Nintendo Switch flings first-person hadokens

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Bloomberg: The next Apple TV will be 4K

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For Honor Launches with Day One Patch and Launch Trailer

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Elon Musk accidentally tweets that Trump’s ban is ‘not right’

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Microsoft drone simulator helps you prevent real-world crashes

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Facebook now lets companies post job listings

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NASA is crowdsourcing the search for exoplanets

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Bully, Catherine and Raskulls are getting Xbox One backwards compatibility today

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Republicans hope to overturn internet privacy rules

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‘Watch Dogs 2’ patch adds a mystery to the game’s ending

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Play ‘NBA 2K17’ and ‘Rocket League’ for free on Xbox this weekend

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Grozit! Star Trek: Bridge Crew Has Been Delayed Until May

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CNN broadcasts on YouTube after TV ban in Venezuela

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